Common Signs That Your Dryer Is In Need Of Repair

A dryer is an essential appliance in any home—when you have multiple loads of laundry, being able to dry them fast is important. Thus, it can be very frustrating when your dryer is not working like it should. The good news is that many dryer problems can be repaired by appliance repair services, so you won't necessarily need to replace your dryer just because it isn't running right. The key is knowing when your dryer is in need of repair so you can have it fixed before it is permanently damaged. [Read More]

What To Do When Your Dryer Has Heating Issues

If your dryer is either not getting hot enough or if your dryer is getting way too hot and then shutting off, here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot what is wrong with your dryer. #1 Pull Your Dryer Back From The Wall Overtime, your dryer could have gotten pushed back from its original position. If your dryer has gotten pushed back too far, the air duct hose that provides your dryer with the air that it needs to effectively dry your clothing may be pinched. [Read More]

Tips for Maintaining Your Stand-Alone Freezer

Stand-alone freezers are great to have when you have a small freezer connected to your regular refrigerator or you like to buy meat and seafood in bulk and need somewhere to store it.  However, make sure you clean and maintain it on a regular basis so that it keeps working. Here are some easy ways to maintain your stand-alone freezer  Empty It Out Routinely It is tempting to just leave everything in the freezer year-round and not bother with it, but this can increase the chances of bacteria building and also causes ice buildup on the walls of the freezer. [Read More]